South Carolina Hospital Association

South Carolina PricePoint

South Carolina hospitals support consumer-driven health care and want to provide the public the accurate hospital information consumers need to make the best decisions regarding their care. That's why in 2007 the South Carolina Hospital Association (SCHA) partnered with the Wisconsin Hospital Association (WHA) to launch a website - My SC Hospital - that shares reliable information about the quality and safety of care provided by South Carolina hospitals.

SCHA has once again partnered with with WHA to produce South Carolina PricePoint, a consumer-friendly database of hospital charges, utilization and payer mix information. PricePoint offers accurate and timely information about charges and services provided by the state's hospitals. The information is from the SC Office of Revenue and Fiscal Affairs, a state government agency charged with collecting this data from hospitals.

Are all South Carolina hospitals included?

Participation in SC PricePoint is voluntary, and we are excited that most of South Carolina's community hospitals participated in the initial launch. We look forward to others joining the effort.

Can I use this data to compare hospitals?

Generally, yes. However, it is important for consumers to understand how to use the data provided by PricePoint. For instance, most insurers negotiate discounts with individual hospitals, and the charges reported on PricePoint do not reflect these discounts. Therefore, to accurately compare charges from hospital A with hospital B, each consumer needs to talk with his or her insurer and ask for an estimate of out of pocket expenses at each hospital. It's possible that a consumer will pay less at a hospital with higher average charges, depending on the contract the hospital and insurer have negotiated. Of course cost is only half of the value equation. Quality is the other major factor. For information on quality and patient safety, visit SCHA's and Medicare's Hospital Compare. This data is especially useful in conversations with your health care provider.